C-SKI 560

C-SKI 560 is built to SAMSA standards.

Fin Swimming Vessel

The C-SKI 560 is suitable for both the private fishing and diving sector and the commercial fishing/diving industries.

The hull is a deep vee vessel which makes the boat soft riding and it is also stable on anchor.

Large hatches on the C-SKI 560’s allows large fish weights, along with great deck space.

The C-Ski 560 is manufactured by East Coast Fibre Glass t/a FIBRE TECH.


Length - 5.60 m
Width - 2.30 m

  • C-Ski 560 is a molded GRP Resin (Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibreglass) and CSM (Chopstrand Matt Fiberglass hull.
  • The bulkheads is a GRP & CSM Chassis System with Marine Polyurethane Foam (Foam filled Hull).
  • The C-Ski 560 has a Coremat Transom.
  • With a GRP & CSM Deck.
  • There is also an optional Stainless Steel Bow Rail.
  • The Hull and Deck color is White.
  • The unloaded overall weight of the C-Ski 560 is 400 to 500 kgs, excluding the motor.
  • Mono Hull - Deep vee
  • Self Draining Deck
  • Separate Fuel hatch, fish hatch, dry hatch and anchor hatch (Front hatch can also be converted to a fuel hatch)
  • Console (extra storage space)
  • Wheel house (extra hatch space plus build in roof)
  • Fuel Hatch can accommodate 6 x 25Liter fuel cans (150 liters of fuel).


Standard Features (including spare wheel)

  • Galvanized
  • Break-neck
  • Built in tail lights
  • Breaking axel
  • 15 inch rims & tires
  • Mudguards
  • Licensed trailer