The C-Worker Range of the ultimate Commercial Workboats
are a pleasure to be at work on the ocean!

Scuba Replacement (SRP)

These unique boats are the next generation composite workboats that are built strong and safe.

The construction method uses a one-piece chassis bulkhead system laminated to the hull with all the voids PU Marine foamed resulting in an extremely strong, rigid hull.  Without any timber used the hull will maintain its structured strength for the boats useable life.

The C-WORKER Range has been used in many industries such as commercial diving, commercial fishing, as a marine survey vessel, Oil & Gas Industry and can be used in harbour industries from Port security to Port maintenance, offshore industries and many more.

Manufactured by East Coast Fibre Glass t/a FIBRE TECH.


Length - 8800 mm (including potoons)
7100 mm (excluding pontoons)
Width - 2520 mm (including pontoons)
2200 mm (excluding pontoons)
Height - 2320 mm (top of cabin to keel)
Draft - 600 mm

  • C-Worker 880 is a molded GRP Resin (Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibreglass) and CSM (Chopstrand Matt Fiberglass hull.
  • The unloaded overall weight of the C-Worker 880 is 1340 kgs, excluding the motor.
  • The engine Min: 2x 40HP Up To Max: 2x 240HP
  • The bulkheads is a GRP & CSM Chassis System with Marine Polyurethane Foam (Foam filled Hull).
  • The C-Ski 560 has a Coremat Transom.
  • With a GRP & CSM Deck and Cabin, with a cabin space of 6 people.
  • There is also Stainless Steel Bow Rail, Stern/Side Surround Rail, Grab Handles and 4x Heavy Duty Pad Eyes.
  • The C-Worker 880 has a removable built in fuel tank (Roto moulded Plastic suitable for diesel) 2x 12 Liters or 25 Liter Plastic Fuel Cans.
  • There are two batteries mounted in the rear of the cabin (sealed compartment) - To Be Fitted
  • The Hull color can be Silver Grey or White, with a Deck color of Silver Grey including Anti-Slip. The Pontoons are RED (Profiled EVA Foam Coated with Polyurethane Skin)
  • Mono Hull
  • Cabin
  • Rear Hatches with Rigid Collar Tubes


This hull is a proven design. A very soft riding when travelling and stable at rest. The strength of the hull is due to the heavy fibreglass lay-up. The bulkheads are also a fibreglass chassis design.

The transom is made up using a composite material and there is no use of wood in the transom area.

Outmounts for motors are secured to the transom increasing the length of the boat and cleating the aft deck of any cables.


Pontoons are uniquely manufactured out of EVA foam (closed cell), then it is shaped to the design of the hull. A durable plastic layer is coated over the pontoons, while still soft enough to absorb impact from a pier or ship on docking.

The outer coating conforms to the shape but is very abrasive resistant. The pontoon profile can be altered for some custom application, more stability/flotation require we add width to the shape. The pontoons can be coated in various colors (Beige, Black, Grey, Blue or Red).


The trailer is fabricated using steel that is hot dipped galvanized to protect and extend the trailers condition.

Trailer includes double axles, with 14 inch rims and tires for it's purpose of loading and unloading via a slipway launching and retrieving the vessel.

There are docking planks on the framework to allow easy loading of the boat onto the trailer. Trailer is easy towing and proven a design, tried and tested.


  • The full cabin version has slight tinted anti glare 8 mm shatterproof glass.
  • White flo-coated inside for easy cleaning, purpose built dash.
  • Large cubby hole.
  • Lockable sliding doors to cabin.
  • Modifications to a smaller single door.
  • Cabin has cushions surrounding the cabin wall area.
  • Batteries are housed in the aft of the cabin in a secure hatch (area with ventilation breather).
  • All battery cables/wiring is covered with PVC tube/truncking.
  • Good LED interior lighting.
  • Hydraulic steering system.
  • Stainless grab handles (x14)
  • A large access hatch on the foredeck to allow safe front onboard loading for crew.
  • In front of cabin there is a hatch that doubles as a step to outside for safety gear storage.
  • All the deck areas, walkways have anti-slip material.
  • Front stainless bow rail is designed to show crew the direction to front hatch.
  • Required especially for bad weather.

Stainless Steel Equipment Onboard:

Stainless steel work is built specifically for front onboard loading, numberous grab handles, railings around the aft deck, purpose build divers ladder, multibeam bracket, and driver recovery davit, heavy duty lifting padeyes, and aft bimini roof.

Stainless diver ladder is fitted at stern of boat between the outboard motors.
Lifted up out of the way once travelling.
The hydraulic steering system uses a hydraulics bull horn ram per motor, this eliminates having a connecting bar between the two motors, which would hinder the ladder function.

This feature is perfect to Mount the multibeam arm/bracket between the motors.
There is Liquid tie-bar that links the two rams together.
The hydraulic hose are out of the way of the folding divers ladder or multibeam arm.

SAMSA Certificates and Safety Equipment

The C-Worker 880 is built to SAMSA (South African Marine Safety Authority) standards and has a certificate to accompany the vessel. A appointed SAMSA officer inspects and survey's the boat during the build and on completion of the vessel.
Full safety gear and life jackets are inspected during the survey inspection.

VHF Radio is part of the SAMSA Certificate requirements. SAMSA Certificates are only issued when the boat is complete with motors and a water trail has been approved then the SAMSA Certificate is issued.


A split unit of 9000BTU is adequate to cool the cabin area. The unit is easily replaced and a common design. A 1.5 KVA would run this setup however, there are no diesel gensets of this size due to diesel motor designs and availability.

Therefore 3.5 KVA upto 5 VA are common. The Fischer brand is very well known brand, that comes from the marine (yacht) industry, which is small and compact and weighs in at 90 kgs. Also very quite which is an asset for a survey boat.

YANMAR Outboard Motors

The C-Worker 880 uses a variety of propulsion methods; presently we are using 2x 40HP Yanmar Diesel Outboards.

Being diesel these motors are suitable to work in the Oil & gas industry. The Yanmar outboards are easy to service and able to work independently of each other.

If there is a problem with a motor, the C-Worker 880 can operate off a single outboard if necessary and very economically.